Todd Schenk, Ph.D., MCP is an Assistant Professor of Urban Affairs and Planning in Virginia Tech’s School of Public and International Affairs. His research and teaching focus on collaborative planning and stakeholder engagement, and environmental policy and planning. He is currently co-editing a book on joint fact finding and authoring a book on adapting infrastructure to climate change. Todd has lived in Hungary and the Czech Republic, and previously worked for the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe.

Suzanne Morse Moomaw, Ph.D. is Associate Professor in Urban + Environmental Planning at the University of Virginia. Her academic interests are in community and economic development in neighborhood, regional, and global arenas with a particular emphasis on the role of citizens in designing their own future.

Ralph Buehler, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Urban Affairs and Planning at Virginia Tech’s Alexandria Center. He specializes in international comparative planning and policy with a focus on sustainable urban transport. He is co-editor of the book ‘City Cycling’ by MIT Press.