Exploring Budapest

June 19th

Written by: Emma Martin

Today our group met in the lobby of the Corvin Plaza Suites at 9 am, and Dr. Schenk led the entire group on an educational walking tour around Budapest, the largest city in Hungary. We saw the Parliament building, as well as the Liberty Bridge, and some other amazing sights around the V, VI, VII, and VIII districts of the city. We had free time for lunch, and groups split up to choose from one of the many cafes along the popular Liszt Ferenc Ter pedestrian square. My group went to a traditional Hungarian style restaurant, where we all enjoyed some Hungarian cuisine. After lunch was over, we walked together to the Szechenyi Bath House. The baths were amazing. There were so many different baths both inside and outside, of all temperatures and sizes, to explore. My favorite in particular was the sauna, which was about 10 times hotter than any sauna that I have ever experienced in the US. Next to the sauna was an ice pool, and Dr. Schenk informed us that traditionally most people go into the sauna for a few minutes, then go immediately into the ice pool. We all attempted it, and it was a very interesting (and chilly!) experience! We spent the entire afternoon at the baths, and left around 7pm to again choose from the vast variety of restaurant choices in the city. After dinner many of us went out to explore one of Budapest’s famous “ruinpubs”, where derelict buildings and unused outdoor spaces have been transformed into friendly, pleasing spaces to socialize. Talk about adaptive reuse!

Szechenyi Bath House


Ice Bath

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